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Working together towards better Health at Work

ENWHP has set out to achieve these targets:

  • Creating supportive national infrastructures in all the ENWHP member
    countries to involve the relevant institutional and non-institutional
    stakeholders in identifying and disseminating good WHP practice
    according to national priorities and to take an active role in sharing
    experience and knowledge at European level.
  • To significantly increase the number of European employees who
    work in enterprises that are committed to practices and policies for
    promoting health.

The management of knowledge about health at work
The ENWHP seeks to collect, analyse and disseminate knowledge of WHP and issues relating to it to all stakeholders and interested parties. It has been said that "information is power", and in the context of WHP information is the power to achieve change. The network promotes the exchange of information through its events, meetings and publications. Even more important, ENWHP facilitates the sharing of information among national forums and networks. The interaction between these platforms, which ENWHP is the main driver of, is the key for further development of co-operation in WHP across Europe.

The promotion of innovation with regard to working environments and cultures
The development and implementation of new ideas for products, services and processes, combined with the adoption of new working practices are essential elements of sustained corporate growth and competitive advantage. Of critical importance in these approaches is the need for innovative working environments and working cultures that are built on the core concepts of partnership and participation. New approaches to the protection and promotion of employee health and well-being are required in the modern workplace and  ENWHP has set about responding to this challenge by encouraging the development of innovative responses, documenting the practical experience of organisations who have been involved, and making this information as widely available as possible.

The development of a robust business case
While some organisations see the promotion of employee health and well-being as important in its own right and make it a core element of their corporate culture, others require evidentiary proof of its benefits to them and their employees. Within any given group of organisations those that recognise the importance and value of WHP will be in a minority. There is a pressing need therefore to develop a robust business case for WHP that is based on reliable and valid data. To meet this need the ENWHP has set about collecting information on the outcomes of WHP and is using this information in the development of a business case for WHP.

The creation of tools for analysis, intervention, marketing, advocacy
and policy development

It is very important to engage more organisations, especially stakeholders, in the process of WHP. To do this these organisations need to be aware of the importance of WHP, its short and long term benefits, and how to become involved. The dissemination of tools, methods and instruments helps to market and advocate the development of WHP to stakeholders at the national level and is seen by the ENWHP to be a vital function. The Network therefore collects tools from all European countries which are successfully used in practice.