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ENWHP Conferences

Closing conference on 'Promoting Healthy Work for Employees with Chronic Illness (PHWork)' (8th European Conference)

22nd - 23rd October 2013
Brussels, Belgium

On 22-23 October 2013, the 9th ENWHP initiative "Promoting Healthy Work for Employees with Chronic Illness - Public Health and Work (PHWork)" was concluded by a large conference in Brussels. The aims of this conference were to raise further awareness about the impact of chronic diseases on the labour market and the social security and to exchange and improve knowledge and cooperation of all stakeholders about the possibilities to retain workers with a chronic disease, or facilitate their return-to-work. More info & programme...

Thematic conference on 'Promoting of Mental Health and Well-being in Workplaces' (7th European Conference)

3rd - 4th March 2011
Berlin, Germany

The European Thematic Conference "Promotion of Mental Health and Well-being in Workplaces" at the beginning of March 2011 in Berlin concluded the 8th ENWHP initiative "work in tune with life. move europe". The campaign ran from October 2009 to December 2010. About 2000 enterprises participated - public administrations, schools, hospitals, small and larger companies, at both beginner and advanced level - and they actively supported the campaign as a "Move Europe Partner". More information on the papers, presentations, conclusions and recommendations from the European thematic conference can be found under the 8th ENWHP initiative

6th European Conference on Promoting Workplace Health "HEALTHY WORK - HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - HEALTHY BUSINESS"

27th - 28th April 2009
Perugia, Italy

The conference in Perugia concluded the 7th ENWHP initiative "Move Europe", focussing on comprehensive workplace health strategies integrating lifestyle management into a wider approach for improving the quality of working life. To promote the exchange of experience, Models of Good Practice that have been identified during the course of the project were presented by company representatives who described their activities in this field.

5th European Conference on Promoting Workplace Health

19th - 20th June 2006
Linz, Austria

The European conference 2006 held in the context of the Austrian EU presidency. It was organised jointly by the European Commission (DG Health and Consumer Protection), the Upper Austrian Health Insurance Funds and the ENWHP. The conference in Linz concluded the 5th ENWHP initiative.