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NEW! - September 2015 - Target@Work : work as a clinical outcome

The Dutch Centre Work Health - one of the Associated Members of ENWHP - is in charge of coordinating the Target@Work project. Target@Work aims to optimise the work participation of rheumatology patients by drawing attention to their work during clinical therapy. Target@Work supports health care professionals (HCPs) with tools, e-learning sessions and face-to-face team sessions to address work ability of patients during therapy. The pilot is currently running in six medical centres, supporting more than 75 rheumatologists and nurses, and involves over 800 patients. If the pilot proves to be successful in facilitating conversations about work ability between patients and their HCPs, Target@Work could be replicated in other countries and adapted to other contexts. More...

NEW! - September 2015 - Workage : Active Ageing Through Work Ability

"Workage" is a three year EU-funded project testing the proposition that the engagement and retention of employees aged 50+ will be improved by enhancing the employee voice and empowering workplace practices for everyone. There is long-established evidence that health, job satisfaction and engagement are enhanced when employees are empowered and respected at work. Workage suggests that these factors also influence the retirement decisions of older workers. Workage is facilitating the transformation of work practices and cultures at two pilot sites: the maternity service of the Southern Health & Social Care Trust (Northern Ireland) and the Place Directorate of the Stoke on Trent City Council. More...

NEW! - June 2015 - Promoting mental health in the workplace

Together with TNO (NCO Netherlands), the University of Nottingham, the Work Research Centre (Operational Unit NCO Ireland) and the London School of Economics, Prevent (NCO Belgium) finalized a study on mental health in the European workplace. The study was commanded by the European Commission (DG Employment) and resulted in three publications: 1) Final report: an overview of the existing regulatory initiatives in Europe protecting the mental health of employees, followed by a number of scenarios with policy options for the European Commission, as well as an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of these scenarios; 2) an interpretative document concerning Framework Directive 89/391, the legal basis for mental health at work; and 3) a guidance for employers and employees to implement a comprehensive approach to mental health in the workplace - including prevention, health promotion and re-integration.

NEW! - May 2015 - Promoting Occupational Safety and Health amongst companies through OSH caravans - News from NCO

Almost 100 rural companies and individual farms located in three regions of Romania will participate in a series of OSH caravans, organised by Romtens Foundation (NCO Romania) and its partners over four months (summer of 2015). These activities are organised as part of a large ESF project and they aim at raising awareness among managers and employees in order for them to observe and enforce the OSH legislation. The campaign will focus on the importance of prevention and protection, of adapting the work process to the technology progress and - above all - of providing integrated workplace health training programmes. The organisers' main goal is to remind the caravans' participants that each and every one of them is responsible for developing and implementing an OSH prevention culture. Full article... 

NEW! - May 2015 - Red española de empresas saludables: un camino hacia la salud integral de los trabajadores - News from NCO

Eight models of good practice in workplace health promotion were celebrated by INSHT (NCO Spain) on 16 April 2015. The Spanish companies and organisations that were recognised as good practices go beyond what's written in the law and uphold the quality criteria defined by ENWHP. In her introductory speech, Maria Dolores Solé Gomez (co-chair person of ENWHP) said that the goal should not be to obtain recognition, but that recognition should be seen as a further incentive. She also stressed that organisations should not only share their positive experiences, but also the problems they've encountered. The selected companies / organisations presented their project or approach, after which they received their certificate of "empresa saludable". More...

NEW! - May 2015 - A new dynamic in favour of neurodegenerative diseases in France - News from NCO

In November 2014, the French government launched a National Plan for neurodegenerative diseases (2014-2019). One of the priorities is to maintain employment or vocational rehabilitation for young workers who are affected. Anact (NCO France) will play a role in the development and experimentation of an [organizational approach, as well as in the dissemination of good practices with regard to job retention of people with chronic diseases. A strong link will be made with the 9th ENWHP initiative on promoting healthy work for employees with chronic illness. More info... 

NEW! - April 2015 - Outstanding examples of workplace stress management honoured at ceremony

On 27 April 2015, the Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards ceremony in Riga celebrated leading European examples of stress management and psychosocial risks in the workplace. As current holders of the Presidency of the Council of the EU, Latvia hosted the event as part of a bigger conference devoted to occupational safety and health. The awards are part of the campaign "Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress (2014-2015)" instigated by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. ENWHP joined the campaign as official campaign partner, because as a network we believe that the mental health and well-being of the employees is crucial to the success of an organisation. Read the full story... 

NEW! - April 2015 - Investing in health programmes for business travellers and international assignees: return on prevention

"Return on Prevention" is the title of a new study by Prevent (NCO Belgium), which was commissioned by the International SOS Foundation. The study analyses the challenges regarding prevention for companies that employ staff abroad or who's staff partakes in international assignments. The report discusses the costs and benefits of prevention measures and studies the case of a multinational that regularly assigns its staff to regions with an elevated risk due to isolation, specific health risks or a lack of reliable medical facilities. One of the prevention measures examined in the study are the medical checks for employees before assigning them to a foreign country. The study also looked at a malaria prevention programme aimed at employees traveling and working in malaria-risk regions. You can download the "Return on Prevention" study after registering on the website of International SOS Foundation

NEW! - April 2015 - World Day on Safety and Health at Work 

On Tuesday, 28 April 2015 we will be celebrating the World Day on Safety and Health at Work. The focus this year is on the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases. The International Labour Organization (ILO) encourages setting up a prevention culture. ISSA, the International Social Security Association, will launch a worldwide Twitter campaign on this day. Look for the hashtag #iloveprevention

NEW! - April 2015 - Mental Health for All. Connecting People and Sharing Experience

The international mental health congress "Mental Health for All. Connecting People and Sharing Experience" will take place in Lille (France) from 28 to 30 April 2015. The World Dignity Project Session scheduled for 15h00-17h00 on 30 April will present a global mental health symbol that has been inspired by research with hundreds of people who have experienced mental health difficulties, including their relatives and carers. The aim is to identify one million individuals, organisations, countries and states to become World Dignity Project Foundation Members by adopting the symbol, so that they can form a global movement to address the stigma related to mental illness with a launch to the general public worldwide in 2016.

NEW! - March 2015 - Is WHP an effective remedy for dealing with the new challenges in working life today? - News from NCO

Pressure and tempo in the workplace have increased in recent decades, together with the number of working days missed owing to psychological complaints. One of the central topics at the Three-Country Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Conference, which was held in Bregenz on Lake Constance at the end of March 2015, was how WHP can be used most effectively to overcome this new challenge. Attended by some 200 experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, this conference was organised by Austrian health promotion foundation Fonds Gesundes Österreich (FGÖ) with partner organisations from Switzerland and Germany. A number of key statements and findings are outlined in a more comprehensive article. Click here!

NEW! - March 2015 - Finalists named in Global Healthy Workplace Awards

Six employers named as Global Healthy Workplace Award finalists will present their programmes on a world stage at the 3rd Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Summit (GHWAwards) taking place May 18-19 at Florianopolis, Brazil. Employers from over 20 countries vied for the distinction of being considred among the world's healthiest workplaces. GHWAwards submissions were reviewed by an international panel of health and wellness experts from five continents who judged the programmes. The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion is a member of the Advisory Board. The three winning employers will be announced at the close of the Summit. More... 

NEW! - January 2015 - Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress: campaign highlights

2014 was an impressive first year for the Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress Campaign (2014-2015) by EU-OSHA. A lot was reaslised, from the successful launch in April under the patronage of the previous EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Laszlo Andor, to the fruitful support of both the Greek and Italian EU Council Presidencies. The real backbone of support however came from EU-OSHA's National Focal Points who tirelessly worked to get the campaign message out to stakeholders and media in their respective countries. But this was only just the starting point... Click here to read the full story.

NEW! - January 2015 - Global Healthy Workplace Awards 2015: apply now!

The Florianopolis Summit 2015 will be the third Global Healthy Workplace Awards Summit, taking place from 18-19 May. At the Summit, awards will be presented to finalists in three categories: 1) small and medium-sized enterprises, 2) large enterprises, 3) multi-national enterprises. The preliminary agenda is available now. Applications are open now and close on 2 March 2015: click here to apply and have your application assessed by a panel of top international health and workplace experts! The GHWAwards are hosted by International Health Consulting, and i-genius, with the SESI as lead sponsor. More info... If you have an interest in these awards or would like to explore partnership opportunities, e-mail: 

NEW! - January 2015 - 2. Dreiländertagung Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung: register now!

In March 2015, the second "3country-conference" on workplace health promotion will be organized by a consortium of Austrian, Swiss and German organisations. The conference is a place of exchange on current developments in the world of work, as well as a platform for discussing future challenges and strategies for workplace health promotion and psychosocial health in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. BKK (NCO Germany) and Health Promotion Switzerland (NCO Switzerland) are part of the Steering Committee for the conference. Click here to consult the programme (in German). For more details, contact Ms. Silvia Moser Luthiger or visit the website.

NEW! - December 2014 - TOP 10 recommendations on how to promote health and well-being at workplaces

A co-operative project between Finland, Lithuania and Latvia called "Health education at workplace survey: reality and needs" has recently ended with the publication of its TOP 10 recommendations on "How to promote employees' health and well-being at work?". The recommendations focus on the needs of both employees and employer, and on co-operation between the different parties. The newly published TOP 10 recommendations emphasize the integration of workplace health promotion into daily work life and are organized in the format of an easy-to-use checklist suitable for any size of company across various sectors. Full article...

NEW! - December 2014 - Asylum-seekers have problems with working conditions, but a positive attitute to work - News from NCO

FIOH (NCO Finland) has published a survey describing the working conditions and work ability of asylum-seeker workers in Finland. The survey is part of the "Equal participation in networks - Immigrants in work life development networks project" (funded by the European Social Fund). The conclusions of the survey show that asylum-seekers' awareness of Finnish work life should be increased by developing co-operation between different parties (regional OSH actors, reception centres, client organisation). Asylum-seekers are motivated workers, and have an extremely positive attitude to work. However, they had more problems with working conditions than the rest of the working population. General awareness of occupational safety among those interviewed was inadequate. The authors declare a need for projects that spread good practices and models that promote work ability and health, and which are targeted towards sectors that employ workers with foreign backgrounds and unorganized small businesses. Full article...

NEW! - December 2014 - Spanish HIV / AIDS responsible companies' initiative

The health of people with HIV has improved dramatically over the last decades. At the workplace, however, people with HIV often suffer stigma from their co-workers and employers or experience discriminatory practices, such as termination or refusal of employment. "Trabajando en positivo" - a network of 17 Spanish entities devoted to fight AIDS - has recently put in place the initiative "Empresas responsables con el VIH y el sida", in order to increase awareness and knowledge about HIV among workers, their family and the community - and to promote employability and access to the labour market for people living with HIV. This initiative is supported by the International Labour Organization (ILO), UNAIDS strategy, Fundación Huésped Argentina and the Spanish Ministry of Health. "Trabajando en positivo" offers companies a free HIV / AIDS programme with tailored assistance. Full article...

NEW! - December 2014 - Activities by ANACT - News from NCO France

▪ ANACT was present at the conference "Driving Mental Health at Work in Europe: Learning from One Another", which took place in Berlin on 29-30 October. Isabelle Burens (project manager) presented the implementation of spaces for discussion in French companies, and more precisely, a "Butterfly methodology: a butterfly as a driver for quality of life at work" to help managers and those responsible for prevention in managing discussions and  finding solutions with employees.

"How is quality of work connected to the competitive strength of companies?" is the title of the EUWIN workshop, which was co-organised by ANACT and EUWIN on 6 November in Rouen (France). EUWIN stands for "European Workplace Innovation Network". The organisers managed to gather 400 business representatives to discuss how the quality of work helps to support the innovation efforts of companies. 

Prevention of psychosocial risks in Belgium and France was the topic of a small conference on 4 December in Brussels, co-organised by the Belgian Federal Public Service Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue and ARACT Nord Pas de Calais (regional department of ANACT).

▪ At the launch of the Eurofound report on "Employment opportunities for people with chronic diseases" on 3 December, ANACT and ARACT Aquitaine presented the ANACT network methodology to keep employees with chronic illness at work. ENWHP presented its last initiative on job retention and return-to-work (PH Work).

NEW! - December 2014 - Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Summit 2015

As previously announced, the 2015 Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Summit will take place on 18-19 May in Florianopolis (Brazil). Click here for a teaser video! Applications in the following three categories can be submitted from 5 January until 23 February: 1) SMEs, 2) Large enterprises, 3) Multi-nationals. The finalists will be invited to Brazil, where the winners will be determined. ENWHP has a seat on the Advisory Board and is a partner of this event. More info... 

NEW! - December 2014 - EU-OSHA launches free e-guide on managing stress and psychosocial risks at work

As part of the Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress campaign, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) launched its e-guide on managing stress and psychosocial risks at the end of November. The e-guide is a practical tool to help both employers and workers - particularly of small businesses - better understand and manage stress and psychosocial risks. It will be available in 34 country-specific versions, each adapted to the legislation, context and language of its nation. The e-guide is free of charge and directs users to relevant national resources on stress and psychosocial risks. Each version of the e-guide contains:

- simple explanations of risks, their causes and consequences for workers and businesses;
- advice and instructions on how to spot problems early and take action;
- practical examples of prevention and risk management, particularly for small businesses; and information on national resources.

NEW! - November 2014 - Suicide prevention at the workplace - News from NCO

The "Suicide Prevention: From Regional Needs to European Solutions" conference - held on November 25, in Brussels - marked the completion of the Euregenas (European Regions Enforcing Actions Against Suicide) project. The project was co-funded by the European Union under the Public Health Programme 2008-2013 and implemented by a consortium of 15 partners from 11 European regions. Euregenas addresses the issue of suicidality in Europe aiming to develop and implement guides and strategic instruments for suicide prevention and awareness-raising at a regional level. Special attention was given to suicide prevention at the workplace. "Preventing and managing suicidal behavior. A toolkit for the workplace", containing workplace-based suicide prevention strategies and practical tools, was developed in this regard. Full article...

NEW! - November 2014 - Greek seminar on EU-OSHA's Healthy Workplaces Campaign, 14 November 2014 - News from NCO

Our Greek NCO co-organized an event about "Management of Stress and Psychosocial Risks in the Health Sector / Hospitals" with the National Focal Point of EU-OSHA. The seminar took place at the General Hospital of Athens "Evangelismos" and was targeted to HR managers, health professionals and employee representatives from hospitals. Approximately 90 people attended; most speakers were occupational physicians. Besides providing info on the latest EU-OSHA campaign, the programme included issues such as violence in hospitals, risks to health and safety of hospital workers, management of changes in hospitals etc. The Greek NCO presented "Health Promotion in Hospitals / Basic Principles and Criteria (according to WHO)", making a comparison of Health Promotion Criteria in hospitals with the WHP criteria to emphasise the vital importance of a corporate policy on WHP in hospitals and the active role of the employees.

NEW! - November 2014 - "Health Promoting Enterprise Award" in the Czech Republic (2005-2014) - News from NCO

In our previous newsletter we discussed the award competition of 2014; this time we give you an overview of the past decade. Workplace health promoting companies in the Czech Republic have been receiving the title of "Health Promoting Enterprise" for 10 years now. In 2005, only 10 enterprises were awarded - nowadays up to 60 companies (including 1/3 of SMEs and involving ca. 61.000 employees) receive an award. About 70% of the participating companies are titleholders for the second or third time. To know more about the key factors of success and the process introduced by the National Institute of Public Health (NCO Czech Republic), click here

NEW! - November 2014 - Italian enterprises sign Luxembourg Declaration

INAIL (NCO Italy) has collected several cases of Italian enterprises that have signed the Luxembourg Declaration in 2014. The Luxembourg Declaration on Workplace Health Promotion in the European Union was adopted by all members of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion in 1997. Companies and organisations that sign the Declaration agree to the principles on Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) set out in the document, and declare to apply them to their occupational health and safety services and activities. The Italian companies which recently signed the Declaration are: Azienda Bellini di Zanica (BG), Bayer Filago, Bonduelle Italia srl, Fondazione casa riposo famiglia Longhi e Pianezza, Gambatrasporti, Lamberti SpA Group, Lati SpA, Mi-metal Bramanti srl, O.P. Oasi Soc. Agricola consortile a r l, Rulli Rulmeca SpA and Viba SpA. Also interested in signing the Luxembourg Declaration? Contact the National Contact Office (NCO) in your country here. 

NEW! - November 2014 - Newly published Eurofound report "Employment opportunities for people with chronic diseases"

The Eurofound Comparative Analytical Report "Employment opportunities for people with chronic diseases" reviews the main definitions and available information on chronic diseases in relation to employment in the EU Member States and Norway. It assesses the extent of the phenomenon and characterises the situation of those affected regarding employment and working conditions. As well it describes the main policy initiatives and measures by public authorities, social partners and individual enterprises to support the staying-in-work/return-to-work of the workers affected. Want to know more about ENHWP's initiative on promoting healthy work for people with chronic illness? Click here

NEW! - November 2014 - New publication "Sport and Health in Europe: Physical activity as a mean to well-being and well living together"

ENWHP has contributed to a bilingual (English-French) publication by the think tank Sport and Citizenship / Sport et Citoyenneté, with an article about the 7th ENWHP initiative called "Move Europe", which - apart from healthy dieting, smoking cessation and mental health - also covers the promotion of physical activity in the workplace. The publication is called "Sport and Health in Europe: Physical activity as a mean to well-being and well living together" and can be accessed in full by clicking here. Additional information is available at

NEW! - November 2014 - Joint Action on Mental Health - new developments

As outlined in previous ENWHP Newsletters, the Joint Action (JA) on Mental Health has as main objective to contribute to the promotion of mental health and well-being, the prevention of mental disorders, and the improvement of care and social inclusion of people with mental disorders in Europe. A specific project within this JA concentrates on the promotion of health in the context of mental demands at work. Several ENWHP members are involved in this project of which a key milestone is the organisation of a structured exchange of experiences between the participating countries. To this end the German Ministries of Health and of Labour and Social Affairs hosted a European exchange conference in Berlin on 29-30 October 2014. Main organiser and leader of this thematic project is the BKK Federal Association in Germany, one of the umbrella organisations of the Statutory Health Insurance Funds. The goal of the conference is to share existing solutions and identify the most important unanswered challenges. Full article...

NEW! - October 2014 - LAST CALL good practice awards EU-OSHA campaign "Healthy workplaces manage stress"

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has extended the deadline for receiving applications for the European Practice Awards Competition (GPA) until the 31st of October 2014. The GPA recognises companies and organisations across Europe who are making outstanding and innovative contributions to workplace safety and health. With the growing prevalence of work-related stress, the 12th edition of the awards is focusing on organisations that have shown strong commitment to successful management of stress and psychosocial risks at work. For more info, click here or visit

NEW! - October 2014 - Webinar series : healthiest workplaces in the world

The Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces and IAWHP (International Association of Worksite Health Promotion) host a webinar series on "The Healthiest Workplaces in the World". The three webinars will feature this year's winners of the Global Healthy Workplace Awards in the following three categories: small, medium-sized enterprises (SME), large-scale enterprises (LSE) and multi-national enterprises (MNE). The three webinars will showcase efforts made at the following companies in creating healthy workplaces: 1) Spokane Regional Health District, 2) Telefonica do Brasil, 3) IBM. For more information, click here

NEW! - September 2014 - Results 2014 Global Survey on Health Promotion, Workplace Wellness and Productivity Strategies

The survey respondents of the 2014 Global Survey on Health Promotion, Workplace Wellness and Productivity Strategies by Buck Consultants identified the following as top objectives driving wellness strategies:

1. Improving workforce morale / engagement
2. Reducing sick leave and disability
3. Improving workplace safety
4. Reducing presenteeism / improving employee productivity

One of the most alarming findings from the Global Survey is that only 52 percent of empoyers worldwide are measuring specific outcomes from their wellness programmes. Buck's sixth global wellness survey analysed reponses from more than 1.000 organisations in 37 countries. For more information, click here

NEW! - September 2014 - XXII. biennial conference "Living Conditions and Health" - News from NCO

On 22-24 September 2014, the biennial conference "Living Conditions and Health" will take place for the 22nd time in Slovakia. The conference is organized by the Slovak Society of Hygiene, the Insitute of Hygiene at the Medical Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava, the Regional Institute of Public Health in Poprad and the Slovak Society of Occupational health. The programme contains, amongst others, the following sections: noise in the living environment, nutrition and nutritional status, prevention of chornic diseases, health prevention and promotion in children and young people, etc. All together 90 oral presentations and many posters will be available to several hundred participants from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Fedor Jagla, from the Institute of Normal and Pathological Physciology (NCO Slovakia), will present "Work. Adapted for all. Move Europe", the last initiative by ENWHP.

NEW! - September 2014 - An engaged model of good practice (MOGP) - News from NCO

FCC Delegación Catalunya II was recognized as model of good practice on "Alcohol and drugs" during the 8th ENWHP initiative "Work.In tune with life. Move Europe". Recently, FCC signed the Luxembourg Declaration and has submitted a form to be recognized as good practice for other ongoing WHP projects as well. In 2013, INSHT (NCO Spain) was approached by a German student (Master in Health Science) of Belfield University asking for an internship in a Spanish company.  FCC agreed and provided the student with the opportunity not only to see how the company implements its WHP programme, but also to experience the day-to-day activities of the Occupational Health Unit. The experience was fruitful for both the student and the company, so much so that FCC decided to accept a new student for September 2014. The full story...

NEW! - September 2014 - WHP in Romanian rural areas: kick-off conference - News from NCO

Romtens Foundation (NCO Romania) and its four partners - University of Perugia, DAD Expertise, Euro DSM Management and Consulting, Human Development Europe Association - launched their new project "Human Resources Development in 19 Rural Communities in the Centre, South-East and South-Muntenia Regions - PSCR2" covering almost 50% of Romania with a kick-off conference in Bucharest, on 11 September 2014. The project consists of two major components (workplace health promotion and community development) and involves a broad range of activities - such as counselling and support, training, mediation, information and promotion, and knowledge transfer workshops. PSCR2 also includes a large workplace health campaign, conducted as Health Fairs and with OSH Caravans for an estimated number of 95 companies (around 5000 employees). Full article...

NEW! - September 2014 - ENWHP and the XX World Congress on Health and Safety at Work 2014

Apart from the aforementioned workshop, ENWHP showed its presence at the World Congress on many other occasions. Veronique De Broeck (ENWHP secretariat) presented the 8th ENWHP initiative "Work. In tune with life. Move Europe" on promoting mental health in workplaces during a session on the prevention of psychosocial risks. While prof. dr. Karl Kuhn submitted a poster as ENWHP co-chair on workplace health promotion, chronic diseases and MSD - which was displayed at the "Forum for Prevention". Some of our ENWHP members were also invited to speak during other sessions: dr. Maria Dolores Solé (ENWHP co-chair, INSHT) talked about "Promoting health and wellbeing", and prof. Giuseppe Masanotti (University of Perugia) discussed the "Benefits of workplace health promotion: findings from ENWHP".

NEW! - September 2014 - ENWHP workshop on job retention and return-to-work of employees with chronic illness

On Sunday, 24 August 2014 the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) hosted a side event at the XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2014 "Global Forum for Prevention" in Frankfurt. The ENWHP side event consisted of an interactive workshop on job retention and return-to-work of employees with chronic illness. The workshop presented the results of the campaign "Promoting healthy work for people with chronic illness (PH Work)", which identified successful strategies, programmes and good practices on company level preventing employees of moving into disability or early retirement.

Prof. dr. Karl Kuhn (ENWHP co-chair) kicked off the workshop with a small introduction to PH Work. Rob Gründemann (ENWHP member) provided the audience with a state of the art on the national return-to-work policies in Europe. He was followed by Nettie Van der Auwera (ENWHP secretariat), who presented the tools developed under PH Work: a guide to good practice & recommendations on job retention and return-to-work. Isabelle Burens (ENWHP member) showcased three good practices in companies, and Prof. Stephen Bevan (the Work Foundation) discussed research on working with three specific chronic diseases: multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia and musculoskeletal disorders (Fit for Work). The workshop was concluded with half an hour of remarks and questions by the audience.  

NEW! - August 2014 - OSHwiki : a unique platform to share knowledge online

OSHwiki, the first and only collaborative web platform for the occupational safety and health (OSH) community is now live and seeking contributions! The director of EU-OSHA, Dr. Christa Sedlatschek, officially launched OSHwiki on 25 August at the XX OSH World Congress in Frankfurt. This new way to network online with the OSH community will enable greater knowledge sharing on a range of OSH topics, including workplace stress and psychosocial risks, supporting the development of healthy workplaces worldwide. To go to OSHwiki, click here

NEW! - August 2014 - WHP-related activities by ARACT Aquitaine

ARACT Aquitaine, a regional department of the French National Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions (ANACT), has joined the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) as Associated Member early 2013. They actively support and communicate information on the activities of ENWHP: by representing the network, by giving presentations, by writing scientific articles etc. In view of the 9th ENWHP initiative on "Promoting healthy work for employees with chronic illness (PH Work)", one of their greatest accomplishments has been a very informative website in French on work and chronic illness: A new version of the website has been launched recently. Other activities by ARACT Aquitaine worth mentioning are: 1) a presentation by Dominique Baradat "Maladies chroniques et Travail" at a EU-OSHA expert seminar in Paris on return-to-work and sustainable employment, including a description of good practice Delpeyrat; 2) presentations at the Congrès international AIOSP 2014 on orientation and career development in Quebec (Canada), at the 6e congrès national "Santé dans le monde du travail" in Lausanne (France) and at the XVIIème congrès de l'Association Internationale de Psychologie du Travail de Langue Française (AIPLF) in Florence. ARACT Aquitaine is also organising a symposium "Travail et maladie chronique: une conduite de projet pluridisciplinaire pour tous" in La Rochelle on 1-3 October 2013 at the 49ème Congrès de la SELF (Société d'Ergonomie des Systèmes Complexes). More information...

NEW! - August 2014 - Publication results MoveEurope, by Prof. Masanotti

Prof. Giuseppe Masanotti of the University of Perugia, formerly ENWHP member for Italy and adviser to the Network for Workplace Health Promotion, has published an article (in English) on "The worksite as an asset for promoting health in Europe. Final results of the MoveEurope Campaign". To read the full article, contact

In 2008, 36.1 million people died from conditions such as heart disease, strokes, chronic lung diseases, cancers and diabetes. All of these diseases have in common is the presence of modifiable risk factors (such as tobacco smoke, low consumption of fruit and vegetables, excessive intake of fats). According to several studies conducted in the USA, Canada and Europe, the workplace seems an ideal place for implementing successful preventive strategies for the improvement of lifestyles. In 2006, the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) launched the Move Europe campaign to promote a healthy lifestyle at work. This campaign set new quality standards in behaviour-related workplace health promotion (WHP) and identified and documented good practices. In two years, 65,215 contacts were recorded in dedicated websites, of which 9,761 in Italy. A total of 2,548 enterprises in Europe asked to be certified and 125 events (seminars, workshops) were held.

NEW! - August 2014 - Accidents, Absenteeism and Occupational Diseases 

ACHS, the Asociación Chilena de Seguridad, has conducted a study called "Health Factors Associated Accidents, Absenteeism and Occupational Diseases". An article about the study was published in the ACHS magazine "Ciencia & Trabajo / Science & Work" and an infographic on how the health status of employees influences the prevelance of occupational accidents and diseases. ACHS has also developed a flyer, called "Programa Promoción de Salud y Calidad de Vida". For more information on the programme in English, click here or contact Gabriela Nuñez - National coordinator of health promotion in the workplace:

NEW! - July 2014 - Online survey on audit tool for the development of healthy workplaces (WHO, University of Nottingham)

Are you an organisation, company, SME interested in occupational health? Or, are you an expert in occupational safety and health? Then, we would like to invite you to particpate in a pilot study that aims at developing and evaluating an audit tool for the development of healthy workplaces. The project team of the study (based at the World Health Organisation and the University of Nottingham) has developed 2 tools: one for large organizations and one for SMEs. Please carefully read the Participant Information Sheet, which provides further details on the study. You will be required to go through one of the audit tool documents and then fill out the online questionnaire, which will take less than 15 minutes. Kindly respond to the principle researcher, Benjamin Garfitt (, to get started with the online survey: "I, ................. (name participant), consent to being a participant in this evaluative pilot study". The deadline for submitting the online survey is 30 July 2014!

NEW! - July 2014 - Workshop on job retention and return-to-work

On Sunday, 24 August 2014 the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) hosts a side event at the XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2014 "Global Forum for Prevention" in Frankfurt. The ENWHP side event will consist of an interactive workshop on job retention and return-to-work of employees with chronic illness. The workshop presents the results of the campaign "Promoting healthy work for people with chronic illness (PH Work)", which identified successful strategies, programmes and good practices on company level preventing employees of moving into disability or early retirement.

Two presentations focus on specific chronic diseases such as musculoskeletal disorders - presented by the Fit for Work initiative - and multiple sclerosis / schizophrenia, which were the topics of two research studies by the Work Foundation. To consult the programme of the workshop and for more info, click here.

We heartily welcome everyone who is interested in the topic and would like to share experiences and knowledge on the topic. Attendance is free, registration is required.

NEW! - July 2014 - Health and safety among hairdressers

"A close shave", the final report of a transnational ESF project designed to promote health and safety among hairdressers, was recently published. The report covers the following subjects: the health and safety problem, good Belgian examples, European measures, good European examples and good examples from individual countries. The ENWHP Secretariat at Prevent-Foundation and several ENWHP members were involved in the collection of good practices. For the PDF-version of the report, click here

For feedback or commentary, please contact 

NEW! - July 2014 - Workshop Paving the Path to Participation

On the 29th of July 2014, the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) organises a workshop in Brussels on its latest project "Paving the Path to Participation". The project concerns itself with the development of best practice in employment for people with MS. Research and experience show that many people with MS want to work and are fit for work. The project will highlight how simple changes (educated staff, flexible working, access, work planning) and adjustments can support people to continue working to their professional ambitions. The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion will present the outcomes of its ninth initiative on "Promoting healthy work for people with chronic illness". Click here to consult the programme of the EMSP workshop, or contact 

NEW! - June 2014 - Workshop Mental Health in the Workplace

DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion is conducting a study on mental health in the workplace. A consultative Workshop on Mental Health in the Workplace took place in Brussels on Tuesday, 24 June. More than 40 people from 10 countries took part and heard presentations on topics ranging from the legislative situation governing mental health in the European workplace, guidance for employers, the costs and benefits of taking action and possible scenarios for developing the area.

Participants came from a range of backgrounds and included the social partners, the European Commission, EU agencies, NGOs and public health organisations. The project is due to produce final versions of scenarios, an interpretative document on legislation and guidance for employers by the end of the summer. ENWHP members and people subscribed to the ENWHP Newsletter will be informed when these are available.

NEW! - June 2014 - EU-OSHA's annual report 2013

In its latest annual report, EU-OSHA reports on a productive year in which it finalised its strategic programme for the next six years and brought its biggest ever Healthy Workplaces campaign to a close. The main findings of the third European Opinion Poll related to work-related stress and active ageing are illustrated in two infographics.

- Read the press release
- Read the full report in English
- Summary in 25 languages

NEW! - May 2014 - Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences

The Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences (PCU-WHS) is a statutory not-for-profit post-secondary degree granting education and research institution for the special purpose of creating and disseminating new knowlegde including applied research in the fields of workplace safety, health promotion, return-to-work and disability managment, comprehensive rehabilitation and disability leadership studies. Please click here to find all relevant information for individuals who may wish to pursue studying at PCU-WHS commencing in September 2014.

NEW! - May 2014 - "Paving the Path to Participation" kick-off meeting

The European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) kicked off a new project on the 29th of April, called "Paving the Path to Particpation". The project concerns itself with the development of best practice in employment for people with MS, with key issues such as support in the workplace, business awareness, staff retention, legislation and support to stay in work. The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion was invited to the kick-off meeting to share its expertise on promoting healthy work for people with chronic illness. Within the framework of the project, a charter and a toolkit for employers will be created. EMSP also heads a second project ("Believe and Achieve") which focuses on work placements for young people with multiple sclerosis. 

NEW! - April 2014 - Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Summit Shanghai

On 9-10 April 2014, the second edition of the GHWAwards Summit took place in Shanghai, China. Employers from 33 countries vied for the distinction of being considered among the world's healthiest workplaces. The submissions were reviewed by an international panel of health and well-being experts from 5 continents, including ENHWP co-chair, prof. dr. Karl Kuhn. The winners were announced at the summit: IBM (USA) leads among multinational companies, Telefônica do Brasil (Brazil) represents the best among large employers, and Spokane Regional Health District (USA) excels among smaller employers. GE China was recognised as having the best workplace health programme in China. All of them are examples of the vital role the workplace can play in improving the health and well-being of employees. The next Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Summit will be organised in Brazil (Florianopolis, 18-19 May 2015). More info... 

NEW! - April 2014 - European Good Practice Awards - call for nominations

EU-OSHA has launched the 12th edition of the European Good Practice Awards in occupational safety and health. The awards welcome applications from European companies or organisations who are implementing measures to successfully manage stress and psychosocial risks in their workplaces.

- Read the press release
- Visit the Good Practice Award dedicated section
- Download the Good Practice Flyer

NEW! - April 2014 - Healthy workplaces manage stress!

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) launched a two-year European campaign: "Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress (2014-2015)". The prevalence of work-related stress in Europe is startling. EU-OSHA's latest pan-European opinion poll revealed that 51 % of workers find work-related stress to be common in their workplace and 4 in 10 workers think that stress is not handled well in their organisation. However, together employers and workers can successfully manage and prevent work-related stress and psychosocial risks; the Healthy Workplaces Campaign aims to help companies do just that.

NEW! - April 2014 - Depression in EU occupational health and safety legislation

Depression and its impact on the person and the workplace, as well as on European society at large must be tackled effectively, and the EU has the policy instruments available to curb its burden. On Tuesday, 8 April, a European Parliament policy roundtable on "Depression in the Workplace - Assessing progress in integrating depression in EU occupational health and safety legislation" was sponsored by H. Lundbeck A/S. The event was attended by Mrs. Veronique De Broeck on behalf of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP). Below you can find the presentations of some of the key speakers, together with the policy recommendations on "Depression in the Workplace":

- Irene Houtman (Joint Action on Mental Health at the Workplace)
- Prof. Stavroula Leka (University of Nottingham)
- Amelia Mustapha (European Depression Association)
Policy recommendations (Stephen Hughes MEP Initiative)

NEW! - April 2014 - EU summit on how to address chronic diseases in Europe

On 3-4 April 2014, the first European Chronic Diseases Summit, entitled "Addressing the medical, social and economic burden of chronic diseases in the EU", took place. It focused on innovation, prevention and disease management strategies. The presentations, video recordings of the sessions, and the conference conclusions are available here. Representatives from the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) were present at the summit, with an info booth about the latest ENWHP initiative and closing conference on "Workplace Health Practices for Employees with Chronic Illness".

NEW! - March 2014 - Improving mental health in the workplace

A seminar on "Improving Mental Health in the Workplace: Towards Better Prevention and Inclusion in Europe" took place in Brussels on March 25th. 50 people from across Europe - practitioners, policy makers and academics - heard presentations on the EU strategy on mental health, the costs of mental illness, preventing mental health problems, and promoting health and well-being. 

The seminar, organised by Public Policy Exchange, allowed a lot of time for discussion and lively debates about the desirability of more regulation or legislation, the real costs of mental illness to employers, and what can be done to ensure return-to-work or recruitment of people with mental health problems. Dr. Richard Wynne, an Irish ENWHP representative, presented a paper on the current framework for mental health in the EU and referred to the work of ENWHP on mental health during the 8th initiative.

NEW! - March 2014 - INSHT will recognise good practices - News from NCO

In partnership with the Spanish Ministry of Health, the National Sports Council and the Autonomous Communities, INSHT (NCO Spain) has launched a procedure to recognize good practices on workplace health promotion in companies. This procedure is based on the ENWHP quality criteria. The main objectives are to foster WHP interventions at company level, to promote a health culture, and to make available tools and support for WHP to the main stakeholders involved. To become a good practice, companies have to adhere to the Luxembourg Declaration and fulfil the self-audit Quality Criteria Questionnaire online. A company with a score higher than 75 is eligible to be recognized as good practice, and will be invited to apply for the good practice certificate. INSHT has also put online the ENWHP self-audit questionnaires to evaluate the quality of WHP interventions on mental health, stress, physical activity, nutrition, tobacco, age management and chronic illnesses. Additionally, the Spanish NCO will foster the creation of a network of healthy companies.

NEW! - March 2014 - Six factors to create job satisfaction

More and more employees experience work-related stress, which leads to an increase in long-time absences. Employees also notice that managers often have difficulties preventing stress and coping with stressful people. However, there is a simple method describing six well-being factors that create job satisfaction - in Denmark, they are called "The 6 Best Bets". The six well-being factors are 1) influence on own work, 2) see the meaning of the work, 3) predictability at the workplace, 4) social support from managers and colleagues, 5) reward and recognition, 6) appropriate requirements. The Relations Network, a new partner of ENWHP, has developed a tool to have a dialogue about the 6 factors. The tool takes the pulse of the current well-being and creates new ideas on how to improve well-being at the workplace. It does this by involving the employees in the actual work.

NEW! - March 2014 - WHP in Romanian rural area - News from NCO

Workplace health promotion activities continue to gain ground in Romania. A new project implemented by SC DAD Expertise SRL - an active company in adult vocational training, technical assistance and consultancy in project management - in collaboration with Romtens Foundation (NCO Romania), will address the critical necessity of WHP actions in rural enterprises during the next 18 months. The objective of the project, which is titled SPOR - Orientation and Training Services in Rural Areas, is to promote integrated interventions that are active, innovative, flexible and designed to facilitate labour market access. The project entails 5 training courses on WHP for managers from rural areas, who wish to enclose such activities in their enterprises and a study visit to companies in Italy that unfold WHP activities. The project is co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) through the Sectorial Operational Programme for Human Resources Development 2007-2013.

NEW! - March 2014 - HWC Immunization Promotion Toolkit - News from NCO

The Promotion of Immunization for Health Professionals in Europe (HProImmune) is an initiative of the Greek Institute of Preventive Medicine, Environmental and Occupational Health - Prolepsis, in partnership with 9 other organisations from 7 countries. The project is co-funded by DG SANCO's Public Health Programme 2008-2013, and discusses the issue of communicable diseases to which Health Care Workers (HCWs) are exposed. In order to control vaccine preventable diseases, HProImmune aims to promote vaccination among HCWs by means of a HCW Immunization Promotion Toolkit. The pilot phase will also test if hospitals are suitable as settings for effective immunization programmes. The Romtens Foundation (NCO Romania) is responsible for the evaluation of the toolkit and the piloting activities in Romania.

NEW! - March 2014 - Research priorities identified by EU-OSHA

EU-OSHA, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, has identified priorities around four key theme areas for occupational safety and health (OSH) research in the coming years: (1) dempgraphic change; (2) globalisation and the changing world of work; (3) safe new technologies; and (4) new or increasing occupational exposure to chemical and biological agents. The priorities, detailed in a report, emphasises how OSH research can contribute to achieving the targets set by the Europe 2020 strategy and the Horizon 2020 programme for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. 

Press release | Full report 

NEW! - March 2014 - Finalists Global Healthy Workplace Awards announced

Six employers were named Global Healthy Workplace Award finalists. They will present their programs at the second GHWAwards Summit, on 9-10 April in Shanghai. Employers form 33 countries vied for the distinction of being considered among the world's healthiest workplaces. The submissions were reviewed by an international panel of health and wellness experts from 5 continents, including ENHWP co-chair, prof. dr. Karl Kuhn. Three winning employers will be announced at the close of the Summit. The finalists are: IBM (USA), Unilever (Netherlands/UK), Telefônica do Brasil (Brazil), Vanderbilt University (USA), Spokane Regional Health District (USA) and Technica International (Lebanon). More... 

NEW! - March 2014 - ToolBoxLab training course in Romania -
News from NCO

Toolbox talks - one of the easiest and most efficient ways to safeguard lives and prevent injuries - is a relatively new concept in Romania. Accidents happen often in the Romanian construction sector and, as in other European countries, a large proportion of them are attributed to workers? safety behavior and knowledge. A team of experienced OSH organizations decided to develop, test and promote a training for European construction companies, enabling them to organise successful toolbox meetings. The project?s face-to-face course, first tested in Belgium, will be held in Bucharest (Romania) on 4 April 2014 and will focus on how to set up an effective toolbox meeting system, conduct such meetings, get workers to participate, and communicate about health and safety issues. Participants? feedback after the course will be made visible on the project?s website,

ToolBoxLab (2012-2014) is funded by the Leonardo da Vinci programme of the EU Commission and implemented by Prevent (Belgium), in partnership with National Action Committee for Health And Safety in the Construction Industry (Belgium), Prevention & Interim (Belgium), Bulgarian Industrial Association (Bulgaria), Romtens Foundation (Romania) and Point (Turkey).

NEW! - March 2014 - "Working Well" 6th Global Wellness Survey online

Key to further understanding and improving workplace health is the Global Survey of Health Promotion, Workplace Wellness, and Productivity Strategies - in partnership with Buck Consultants. We invite you to participate in this international survey. The results will be presented at the 2nd Global Healthy Workplace Awards Summit in Shanghai on 9-10 April 2014. To complete the survey, click here!

NEW! - March 2014 - EU Parliament round table "Depression in the Workplace"

On Tuesday 8th of April, a European Parliament Policy Round Table will be held on "Depression in the Workplace - Assessing progress in integrating depression in EU occupational health and safety legislation". Throughout Europe, 1 in 10 working people have taken time off because of depression, making it a common condition that has a significant and often un-recognised impact on employees, and consequently, their employers. If adequately managed, people with depression can lead productive lives. At the round table, experts and policymakers will debate the way forward to address this health issue in the next European legislative term. 

Gregor Breucker (BKK Dachverband, NCO Germany) was asked to talk about the Joint Action on Mental Health and Well-Being - which involves several ENWHP members -, and more specifically: mental health at the workplace. Programme...

NEW! - March 2014 - Involvement of ANACT and ARACT in French cancer plan - News from NCO

In France, the brand new "Plan Cancer 3" states that the occurrence of cancer has a significant impact on a person's professional / work situation. The plan takes on four objectives with regard to this matter: 1) To perfect the offer of solutions adapted to the individual situation of each cancer patient, 2) To sensitize companies on the benefits of keeping a cancer patient in employment or supporting his / her return-to-work, 3) To make progress in the territorial coordination of the multiple actors involved in continued employment, and 4) To enhance, disseminate and further develop the knowledge gained on job retention and return-to-work. More info...

ANACT (NCO France) and ARACT (Associated ENWHP Member) have been integrated in the French cancer plan and will develop an organisational approach to ensure job retention of cancer patients. Furthermore, they will collect and list the good practices  on keeping employees with chronic illness at work on their website.

ANACT and ARACT Aquitaine have also participated in the ENWHP's 9th initiative on promoting healthy work for people with chronic illness. Recently, they have published some of the good practices collected by the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion on their website: click here... or visit  

NEW! - February 2014 - New online risk assesment tools published

In the last months, several new tools have been published in OiRA. OiRA is a European online platfor to create free and easy-to-use sectoral risk assessment tools for small and micro-companies, set up by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. This takes the total number of Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools available to 15. The new tools cover different sectors including hairdressing, catering and private security. Around another 50 more tools are currently under development. More info... 

NEW! - February 2014 - Small workplace changes help people with multiple sclerosis keep their job 

The healthcare costs related to brain diseases such as multiple sclerosis have increased from ?386 billion in 2004 to ?798 billion in 2010 across 30 European countries, according to the European Brain Council (EBC). Aside from the drastic increase in healthcare costs, Europe is also losing a highly-educated group of young workers as many lose their jobs shortly after being diagnosed. This happens although employers only need to make small adjustments in the workplace to hold on to a young employee with multiple sclerosis. Around 70% of Europe?s 600,000 people with multiple sclerosis are diagnosed with the disease in their 20s and 30s. Full text... 

2014 is the "Year of the brain" in Europe, and on 7-10 May a conference in Dublin (Ireland) will mark the 25th anniversary of the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) More info... 

NEW! - February 2014 - Conference proceedings European Work Hazards Network (EWHN)

On 4-6 October 2013, the network hosted the 13th EWHN Conference. The European Work Hazards Network aims to improve health and safety standards. The proceedings of the 13th Conference are now available online. The workshops at the conference tackled the following topics: 1) Occupational cancer prevention 2) Assessing stress risk on the workplace 3) What has HR and personnel management got to to with health and safety at work 4) Transfer of risk and global solidarity 5) Working hours / work-life balance, and 6) Sickness absence management / rehabilitation. More info...

NEW! - February 2014 - "UK needs to tackle high cost of of mental-ill health"

Mental health issues cost the United Kingdom around GBP 70 billion every year, or roughly 4.5% of GDP, in lost productivity at work, benefit payments and healthcare expenditure. Better policies and practices by employers and the health system are needed to help people deal with mental health issues and get back to work, according to a new OECD report titled "Mental Health and Work: United Kingdom". For more information, click here

NEW! - January 2014 - IAWHP 2014: call for abstract / poster submissions

The IAWHP (International Association for Worksite Health Promotion) Summit is designed for executives, practitioners & students. The event will provide the business justification for establishing & maintaining a WHP programme as well as offer an understanding of the emerging trends in effective programming. Practical applications, case studies and best practices. Poster presentations will enhance the programming by showcasing research, innovative ideas and best practices in worksite health promotion. Access full submission information & guidelines

NEW! - December 2013 - IFDM 2014 "Disability Management: Pushing beyond the boundaries"

IFDM 2014 or the International Forum on Disability Management, will take place in Melbourne (Australia) on 17-19 November. A call for abstracts for IFDM 2014 has been issued for presentations and workshops. The various themes are detailed on the IFDM 2014 website. Please note that the deadline for submissions is February 14, 2014. For further details...

NEW! - December 2013 - Conference on "Occupational Diseases in the EU"

On 3-4 December, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion hosted a conference to get "together for disease-free workers", where the report on the current situation in relation to occupational diseases' systems in EU Member States and EFTA/EEA countries (OCCUDIS report) was presented. David McDaid, London School of Economics,  stressed the importance of financial incentives and other public sector support to implement health programmes in SMEs. This not only provides economic benefits for companies, but also for society as a whole.
More about the conference... 

NEW! - December 2013 - "Promoting health, preventing disease: is there an economic case?"

"Promoting health, preventing disease: is there an economic case?" is the title of a policy summary by Sherry Merkur, Franco Sassi and David McDaid. It provides an overview of what is known about the economic case for investing in a number of different areas of health promotion and non-communicable disease prevention. The summary highlights that there is an evidence base for controlled trials and well-designed observational studies on the effectiveness of a wide range of health promotion and disease prevention interventions that address risk factors to health, concluding that there is an economics evidence base for health promotion and disease prevention, but that it needs further strengthening. Full text available...

NEW! - December 2013 - EU Council recommendation on promoting health-enhancing physical activity across sectors

The Council recommendation states that physical activity is a prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy workforce, in a rapidly ageing European society. It also links the benefits of physical activity with lowered risks for a number of chronic diseases (cardiovascular, some types of cancer). The EU Council recommends that "the Member States work towards effective HEPA (Health Enhancing Physical Activity) policies by developing a cross-sectoral approach involving policy areas including sport, health, education, environment and transport, as well as other relevant sectors." Full text...

NEW! - December 2013 - EU Parliament pilot project on health and safety of older workers

"Safer and healthier work at any age - occupational safety and health (OSH) in the context of an ageing workforce" is investigating OSH policy, strategy, programmes and practices in the member states and beyond to assist policy development and provide examples of good strategies and practices. Views and experience from workplaces will contribute to provide a complete picture of what is taking place and what is needed. 

The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) was invited to share its knowledge on the topic at the conference on "Safer and healthier work at any age" at the European Parliament on 2 December 2013. Ms. Veronique De Broeck, representing the ENWHP Secretariat, talks about the "Holistic approach on Workplace Health Promotion and older workers". 

More about this project
More about ENWHP's 5th initiative on "Healthy Work in an Ageing Europe"

NEW! - December 2013 - "Construction and implementation of business agreements and action plans related to the employment of older workers" - News from NCO

In France, regulation imposes companies to draft an action plan related to the employment of older workers. A research study by ANACT (ENWHP NCO for France) and IRES looks into the implementation of this regulation within French companies. Chapter 1 presents the context and objectives, the procedures for selecting research fields and methodologies, and describes the main characteristics of the companies under study. Chapter 2 analyzes first the process of drafting the agreement or action plan and secondly the content of these texts. Chapter 3 is devoted to an analysis of the measures taken, action by action, and their implementation methods. Chapter 4 provides an analysis of the effects of the regulation, including a typology of the actions and reflection on the advantages and limitations of companies learning processes resulting from the negotiation and implementation of these agreements or action plans.

More info & download the French study here.

NEW! - November 2013 - Conference Board of Canada tackles high cost of absenteeism in Canada

The Conference Board of Canada is in the process of a major research and education initiative on the impact of disability related workplace absences. In order to support this leading-edge initiative, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Conference Board and the National Institute of Disability Managmenent and Research (NIDMAR). For more information...


NEW! - November 2013 - Global Healthy Workplace Awards Shanghai 2014

The 2014 Global Healthy Workplace Awards are now open for entries! The Summit will take place in Shanghai next year on 9-10 April. For more information, check out the website. Application entries are open to all employer organisations (profit and not-for-profit) in the following categories:

1. Small and medium-sized enterprises
2. Large scale enterprises
3. Multinational enterprises

A recording and the slides of a webinar on "how to get global recognition?", during which the evaluation criteria and the process are explained as well as questions on the entire programme are discussed, are available online here

NEW! - November 2013 - Final Conference on Healthy and Active Ageing in the Workplace (PROGRESS)

On 14-15 November, the final conference of the project "PROGRESS - Towards Healthy Ageing in Europe" took place in Granada, Spain. The transnational conference focused on informing policymakers, public health and occupational health professionals about the project's findings and results. PROGRESS is a partnership of five European countries established to respond collectively to the policy challenges and opportunities associated with the fact that Europeans are living longer and healthier lives. 

Full presentations are available at

NEW! - November 2013 - Campaign EU-OSHA for risk prevention closes with European summit

EU-OSHA's "Working together for risk prevention" campaign officially ended with the Healthy Workplaces Summit in Bilbao on 12-13 November 2013. Many of the Agency's campaign partners attended, together with leading European occupational safety and health professionals. For more information about the event, check out:

- press release
- more on the summit
- photos of the event

The event also offered a preview of EU-OSHA's 2014-15 campaign, "Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress", which will be launched in spring 2014. The campaign will continue the collaborative theme and apply it to managing work-related stress and psychosocial risks, the second most reported OSH problem in Europe.

NEW! - November 2013 - THESEIS: training for employees in the waste managment sector

Year after year the European wast managment sector keeps growing. Machines can take over some of the work, but this economic sector still relies heavily on human labour. Because the workers in the waste management sector have to deal with a wide range of risks, the EU Commission decided to set up a training programme for the waste managment workers: THESEIS. Under the Leonardo Da Vinci life long learning programme, the THESEIS project aims to address the need for training on health and safety in the environment industrial sector. Read the full article...

NEW! - October 2013 - First results PH Work closing conference

The first results of the conference on "Workplace Health Practices for Employees with Chronic Illness (22-23 October, Brussels) are available on the conference website The conference concluded the 9th ENWHP initiative and was organized by the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) and Prevent-Foundation, in collaboration with the Belgian National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance. The first results include: the signed Brussels Declaration, the conclusion slides by John Griffiths, a press release, a picture of the awarding ceremony. More results (pictures, presentations etc.) will follow in due time. 

NEW! - September 2013 - 1st Latin American Summit on Healthy Workplaces

Join the Global Healthy Workplace Awards team and human resource (HR) managers, policy makers and health professionals working with local enterprises as well as multinational employers from all over Latin and South America for what promises to be a most interesting and innovative day. The Summit is in conjunction with the ABQV conference (September 30 - October 3). The ABQV attracts over 700 participants from accros South America. Programme... 

NEW! - September 2013 - Evaluating psychosocial risks - News from NCO

"Evaluer les risques psychosociaux, mettre à jour son document unique, c'est possible..." is a colloquium organised by ANACT (ENWHP's National Contact Office for France) on the 1st of October 2013, in Paris. The colloquium discusses how to incorporate psychosocial risks into the French document for risk assessment ("le document unique"), including the approach by ANACT and testimonies by businesses. Programme, more info and registration...

NEW! - August 2013 - "Santiago Declaration" on the state of the economy and health announced

The results of a high level conference, which took place in Santiago de Compostela in July 2013, have just been launched. The conference reviewed the evidence in relation to the impacts of economic change on health and concluded that current responses to economic pressures ignore these impacts at the costs of storing up short and long term health outcomes. The "Santiago Declaration" outlines these impacts and urges political leaders to act to prevent these impacts and to promote a more integrated and humane response to the problems of economic restructuring and unemployment.

NEW! - July 2013 - Visit

The conference "Workplace Health Practices for Employees with Chronic Illness" concludes the 9th European Network for Workplace Health Promotion initiative "Work. Adapted for all. Move Europe". More information and the preliminary programme can be consulted at 

You can also register for the conference online.

NEW! - July 2013 - Health Webinar

On the 2nd of July, CSR Europe organised an expert webinar on the "Learning Network on Health and Wellbeing". The network aims - based on the developed Blueprint for Business Action on Health Literacy - to explore how to strategically improve health and wellbeing at work through systemic and behavioural change by measuring the impact of your strategy, by empowering your employees and by engaging them pro-actively in their health and wellbeing managment.

Please find here the link to the promotional video of the Blueprint for Business Action on Health Literacy, the agenda and the presentation of the webinar.

NEW! - July 2013 - WHP and community development in Romanian rural areas - News from NCO

On 25 June 2013, in Bucharest, Romtens Foundation (NCO Romania), together with its partners organised the final conference of the "Human Resources Development in Rural Communities" strategic project. The 3-year project has been co-financed by the European Social Fund and has been applying a combination of approaches - on the one hand implementing workplace health promotion (WHP) activities, and on the other, activities based on the concept of community development. The workplace health promotion activities were implemented in around 100 enterprises from rural areas for 191 managers and 299 employees who were trained in this field. The conference reunited more than 140 representatives of Romanian local and central public authorities, experts from the field of healthcare, managers of enterprises from the rural areas, employees from the rural areas, as well as employer's associations and employees. Full article...

NEW! - June 2013 - New global partnership in Return to Work

On 10 June 2013, NIDMAR - the Canadian National Institute of Disability Management and Research - signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Social Security Association (ISSA), a UN agency headquartered in Geneva, to better support the global implementation of best practice Return to Work Guidelines. More...

NEW! - June 2013 - Health and safety at the crossroads: EU-OSHA's Annual Report 2012

In tough economic times, when the value of workplace health and safety is being re-evaluated at every level in Europe, EU-OSHA continues to argue that the smartest organisations will not be cutting their investment in this area. In its latest annual report, EU-OSHA shows again how this investment can pay off, both in economic and ethical terms. Read the press release or the full report (english).

NEW! - June 2013 - Health and safety at work: Commission opens public consultation on future EU policy framework

The European Commission has launched a public consultation to gather insights and contributions from the public further to results of the evaluation of the European Strategy on Safety and Health at Work 2007-2012. This should help identify current and future challenges in the occupational safety and health area, and identify solutions to address these challenges. All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation, which will be open from 31 May 2013 to 26 August 2013. Contributions are particularly sought from representatives of Member States' public authorities, organisations representing employees and employers, and stakeholders and experts with an interest in the area of occupational safety and health. Click here for the public consultation questionnaire.

Join the debate - and have your say on the future of European workplaces

NEW! - June 2013 - Calculating the international return on prevention for companies - Project report

Investment in safety and health in enterprises has a direct and measurable cost-benefit potential, the results of a joint study have found. The study compared data on interventions and analysed practices in over 300 companies from 19 countries. The results indicate that the cost-benefit potential for investments in prevention may be as strong as 1:2.2, and even higher for direct interventions, for example investments in preventive medical check-ups and safety training.
This report is the the result of a common project by the the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the Energy, Textile, Electrical and Media Products Sector (BG ETEM) and the International Social Security Association (ISSA). Download the report here.

NEW! - May 2013 - Global Healthy Workplace Awards Winners

On the 12th of April, the International Global Healthy Workplace Awards were given to businesses, which have developed exemplary workplace health programmes. The ceremony was part of the Global Healthy Workplace Summit, held on 10-12 April 2013 in London. Companies from 28 countries submitted workplace programmes for review by an international panel of public health experts from five continents. More information on the winners and ENWHP involvement...

NEW! - May 2013 - Working Well Survey

The fifth edition of the Working Well survey - a global survey of health promotion and workplace wellness strategies - investigated emerging trends in employer-sponsored health promotion and wellness programmes. More than 1300 organisations from 45 countries took part in the survey conducted by Buck Consultants. The survey found that employers identified "improving worker productivity and reducing presenteeism" as one of their top wellness programme objectives. More info and results... 

NEW! - May 2013 - "Leadership and Coping" by Ghassan O. Qutob

A new research based book which examines the psychological resources of transformational leaders that help them to cope with business world uncertainty more effectively than other styles of less efficient leaders. The book discloses and advises practical principles to assist in the development of leadership cultivation programs. It also synthesizes a modified version of the Salutogenesis self assessment test that is applicable to measure coping in business contexts. More...

NEW! - May 2013 - Job insecurity or job reorganisation thought to be the most common cause of work-related stress

The 3rd edition of the pan-European opinion poll conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work reveals that:

  • Half of the workers across Europe think work-related stress is common, and four in ten think it is not handled well at their workplace.
  • Job insecurity or job reorganisation is thought to be the most common cause of work-related stress across Europe.
  • There is low awareness of programmes or policies to make it easier for workers to continue working up to or beyond the retirement age, though the majority support their introduction. More...

NEW! - April 2013 - Blueprint offers recipe for better health at work

Corporations and academics have teamed up to back a blueprint to improve health literacy in the workplace, saying healthier lifestyles help employees and boost their productivity. The Blueprint for Business Action on Health Literacy is a free toolbox accessible to all companies and organisations aiming to make employees more health literate. More...

NEW! - April 2013 - Social security for healthy societies: Embracing a new mandate for prevention

The technical report presents findings from of a comparative analysis of responses to an ISSA (International Social Security Association) questionnaire from social security institutions in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Morocco, Peru, Tunisia and Uruguay. As well as taking stock of the types and range of preventive health activities available to social security institutions, the project considered three topical areas: early disease prevention in the active population, including workplace initiatives; preventing illness among vulnerable groups; and laying the groundwork for more active and independent ageing. Each of these themes underscores a distinct but related set of priorities and challenges for addressing health risks at early stage and thereby reducing the human, financial and economic costs associated with poor health and accidents. These three topical priorities structure the latter part of the report: 2-social-security-for-healthy-societies.pdf

NEW! - April 2013 - Promotion of mental health as a management task - E-learning tool for managers - News from NCO

The psyGA project (under the project leadership of BKK federal association, NCO Germany) offers practical support in the form of different materials and tools for companies of any size in all industries. The eLearning tool for the promotion of mental health provides easy to understand suggestions explaining how managers can protect their employees from excessive stress and stay healthy themselves. It sensitises superiors for perceiving stress signals and provides support for appropriate dealing with over-stressed employees. In addition, managers receive suggestions for dealing differently with own stress factors. The eLearning programme is aimed at the promotion of mental health by means of a health appropriate management style. It is a fact that stress can have a "contagious" effect. This applies particularly to stress experienced by managers; employers or superiors often pass stress on to their employees. Accordingly, stress prevention always starts with the manager himself. The eLearning tool requires between 45 and 75 minutes - without or with three self-tests: You can also download the tool.

NEW! - April 2013 - Economic analysis of workplace mental health promotion and mental health disorder prevention programmes and of their potential contribution to EU health, social and economic policy objectives

(November 2012) Report commissioned by the European Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC) under the EU Health Programme (2008-2013), to assess the potential contribution of mental health promotion and mental disorder prevention programmes to the EU-policy objectives of promoting the sustainability of health and social welfare systems, increasing the employment rate of the population and increasing the productivity of the economy. The study reviewed the existing scientific literature, case studies with Member States and workplaces, and an economic model in order to answer the following questions: past and expected future trends, economic impact of mental disorders, economic return on investment, role of health and social welfare systems, contribution of mainstreamed workplace mental health promotion?

NEW! - March 2013 - CEPH Public Health Training and Capacity Building

The centre for Environment and Population Health (CEPH) at Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia) hosts a public health education and training program, including a Master of Sciences in Public Health (International). The program provides students with the knowledge and skills to operate as public health professionals who are able to strategically address and manage current and emerging public health challenges. You can download the brochure here.

NEW! - March 2013 - News from INSHT (Spain) - News from NCO

Since 1996, INSHT as ENWHP National Contact Office has been active in promoting workplace health promotion at national level. In 2011, we launched our WHP website which is one of the most visited INSHT Portals. Since then 21 companies have endorsed the Luxembourg Declaration and 30 have applied for using WHP communication material "Gana en salud: 12 Temas - 12 Meses" (English leaflet). During 2013, a new initiative will be presented during the World Day for Safety and Health at Work event to be held in INSHT headquarters in Madrid the 25th of April. This new initiative, called "Empresas Seguras, Saludables y Sostenibles" (Safe, Healthy and Sustainable organizations) aims at recognizing models of good practice and excellence on WHP among Spanish organizations, fostering networking and supporting companies in designing and implementing WHP interventions. The scheme for accreditation will be published on the WHP website at the end of April. The responsible for the WHP line of action in INSHT also shares information through Twitter, Facebook and a Blog. You can download the English leaflet here.

NEW! - March 2013 - Joint Action Mental Health (2013-2015) Work package 'Promotion of mental health at the workplace' kicked off - News from NCO

The main objective of the Joint Action is to contribute to the promotion of mental health and well-being, the prevention of mental disorders and the improvement of care and social inclusion of people with mental disorders in Europe. The JA will build on the Commission's Green Paper on Improving the Mental Health of the Population in 2005 and the launch of the European Pact for Mental Health and Well-being in 2008.

The JA involves 28 countries. Working together in eight working packages (WP), the BKK federal association (Germany), as the delegated leader for 'Promotion of mental health at the workplace' (WP 6), was hosting its Kick-off meeting in Berlin on 25-26 February 2013.

Taking the occasion of the Kick-off meeting 13 representatives from the different participating countries, among them also members of the ENWHP, like Finland, France, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Ireland, met in Berlin to discuss on major points concerning mental health in each country and develop a framework of action for the upcoming years of work. More information on website of Joint Action (under construction).

NEW! - January 2013 - First Global Healthy Workplace Awards - Open for Applications until February 10

The ENWHP encourages European employers to apply to the 1st Global Healthy Workplace Awards program. The Awards Summit will be held on April 10-12, 2013 in London. The Global Awards program follows the World Health Organization Healthy Workplace Model for Action and will recognize employers in three categories: small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large enterprises (over 250 employess) and specialized programs (employers of all sizes who run a particularly innovative workplace health promotion program in some but not necessarily all of the components). The IAWHP serves on the advisory board. The application deadline is February 10, 2013. Learn more about the program.

NEW! - December 2012 - Closing conference PHWork: Save the date!

On 22-23 October 2013, the 9th ENWHP initiative 'Promoting Healthy Work for Employees with Chronic Illness - Public Health and Work (PHWork)' will be concluded with a large conference in Brussels. The aims of this conference are to raise further awareness about the impact of chronic diseases on the labour market and the social security and to exchange and improve knowledge and cooperation of all stakeholders about the possibilities to retain workers with a chronic disease, or facilitate their return to work. The conference will reunite stakeholders from public health and workplace health organisations, representatives from major public health and workplace health EU policy stakeholders. Workplace health strategies, as well as good practices and recommendations on job retention, early intervention or return to work will be presented to the public.

NEW! - 'PHWork partners support the World Diabetes Day'

14 November 2012

Since 1991, the 14th of November is marked 'World Diabetes Day' (WDD). The more than 346 million people that suffer from diabetes worldwide deserve to be in the picture for a day. But most of all, this day is important for raising global awareness on diabetes, its escalating rates and how to prevent this chronic illness. Without intervention the number of people with diabetes is likely to double by 2030. Consequently, there is also a strong argument for discussing diabetes in the context of workplace health promotion. Since the number of employees with type 2 diabetes in Europe is already high and further will increase dramatically in the coming years, especially when the retirement age increases, it is becoming a huge challenge for the workplaces to handle this new burden of disease.  

The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) works towards introducing effective workplace health practices, by creating a favourable culture and by providing guidance and a number of tools to employers, to help make a difference for employees. The current ENWHP initiative, called 'Promoting Healthy Work for People with Chronic Illness - Public Health and Work' (PHWork, 2011-2013), also concerns employees with diabetes. The objective of the initiative is to promote healthy, suitable work for those suffering the consequences of a chronic illness.

ENWHP has developed tools for employers to create a favourable culture and to help make a difference for employees with a chronic illness through a comprehensive health promotion strategy;

-       A European guide to good practice presents a step-by-step action plan for employers;

-       Models of good practice promote awareness and provide real life examples for employers to learn from;

-       A European-wide campaign - also implemented at national level - is aiming to convince companies to put the guidelines at the heart of their human resources management policies and practices.


NEW! - November 2012 - 'Physical activity, obesity, nutrition and diabetes: interrelated challenges at the workplace' - ENWHP round table

The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) organises a round table on 'Physical activity, obesity, nutrition and diabetes: interrelated challenges at the workplace' in Copenhagen (Denmark) on 12 November 2012.

ENWHP presents you with three lectures during this round table:
1. ActivatEU - the Social Innovation Lab for an Active and Healthy Europe
(Mr Steve Bell, NHS Health Scotland)

2. Diabetes as the hidden challenge for future WHP
(Dr Kjeld Poulsen, Steno Health Promotion Centre)

3. Nutrition, physical activity and obesity & the European network for Health-Enhancing Physical Activity
(Dr Joao Breda, World Health Organisation)
To register, please write an e-mail to before the 6th of November 2012. Attendance is free of charge.

NEW! - November 2012 - 'Travailler avec une maladie chronique / Working with a chronic illness' - News from NCO

On Thursday, December 13 of 2012, ANACT - the ENWHP's French NCO - organises a national dissemination event for the PH Work project in Paris, called 'Travailler avec une maladie chronique'. PH Work is the 9th ENWHP initiative on how to promote healthy work for employees with a chronic illness. The programme of the event can be downloaded here both in English and in French.

NEW! - November 2012 - 'Workers' participation and middle management's involvement' - News from NCO

INSHT - ENWHP's Spanish NCO - has developed material for increasing workers' awareness on 12 topics related to workplace health promotion. The material '12 temas - 12 meses'  or '12 themes - 12 months' is made available for free in electronic format to interested companies that want to develop a campaign or go deeper into a specific topic fostering workers' participation and middle management's involvement. Each topic includes a poster accompanied with a short slogan for catching the workers' attention, cards for the individual with short and very practical explanations on the theme and a toolbox talks for middle managers in order to help them to lead discussions among workers and to guide them on finding opportunities for improvement. A user manual is made available to companies to facilitate the application of these materials in different situations.

NEW! - November 2012 - 'Relation contractors - subcontractors and impact on working conditions' - News from NCO

ANACT, the French Agency for the Amelioration of Working Conditions and ENWHP's NCO for France, managed a project with 6 other partners involved that started in December 2010 on 'Social regulation between contractors and subcontractors in industrial sector during restructuring times. How to improve employment and working conditions in industrial subcontracting?'. The project concerns itself with the social regulation (employment, development of qualifications, well-being at work) between contractors and subcontractors in the industrial sector in 5 countries (France, UK, Germany, Hungary and Spain). The project aims to investigate the different practices in these countries and to promote exchanges of experiences and good practice on this subject in Europe. A leaflet in English, including recommendations and information on the toolkit, can be consulted here.

NEW! - November 2012 - 'A model for Company self-assessment of CSR performance' - News from NCO

INAIL - our NCO for Italy - has been working on a three-year project to set up a model for Company self-assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility performance (CSR). INAIL collaborated with QUINN on this project. The resulting model builds on the culture of self-assessment for enterprises and is structured in multi-levels. The last level includes questions addressed to the SMEs.You can read the complete description of this model below.

NEW! - November 2012 - 'The Romtens Foundation (Romania): current projects and upcoming events' - News from NCO

One of the projects the Romtens Foundation is involved in, concerning workplace health promotion, is titled 'The EWA project: European Workplaces and Alcohol'. The project is financed by the EU Public Health Programme 2008-2013 and addresses the issue of alcohol consumption and its effects on the workplace. More than 17 European organizations work together on this project, which includes research, on-the-field interventions and strategic work. Another project of our Romanian NCO, 'The PSCR project: Developing human resources in rural communities', aims at introducing the concepts of workplace health promotion, community development and partnerships for health within 19 communes (rural localities comprised of several villages) from Romania.

Upcoming events (co-) organised by the Romtens Foundation are the 13th Summer School of the European Association of Schools of Occupational Medicine (EASOM) - this year's theme is Workplace Health Promotion - and a seminar in Bucharest on 'The European Social Fund and its role in supporting public health projects: the European experience' together with the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA). A past seminar on 'Class and e-learning in occupational medicine for undergraduate students' concluded the EMUTOM (the European Module for Undergraduate Teaching of Occupational Medicine) project. A more extensive description of the listed projects and events by the Romtens Foundation, is available below.

NEW! - October 2012 - 'Webinars on Mental Health Promotion' - Survey

The European Network for Mental Health Promotion (ENMHP) are about to offer a new service to members and non-members ? Webinars on Mental Health Promotion (MHP) and related topics. Remote training needs to be supplemented by a more personal approach and webinars offer a potential solution in that regard.

The ENMHP would like to assess its audience's level of interest in taking part in webinars. If you could complete the questionnaire (10 mins) by 16 November 2012, it will help them to design webinars that will meet your needs to the maximum extent possible.

NEW! - October 2012 - 'WORK - Continuities and Disruptions in Modern Life' - Call for papers

A call for papers was issued for the First International Interdisciplinary Conference on Research on Work, called 'WORK?Continuities and Disruptions in Modern Life'. The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers with different disciplinary backgrounds interested in any aspect of work and working life.

Date of the conference: 21-23 August 2013, Venue: University of Turku, Turku School of Economics, Finland. Abstract submissions by: 15 January 2013 - Please submit a research paper and/or presentation on the many aspects of work, working life and work systems. Accepted papers will be presented as either oral presentations or posters and will appear in the conference proceedings. The topics of interest are liste on the website of the conference.

NEW! - August 2012 - 'Healthy ageing in a working society' - WDPI 2012 Conference

On 22-24 October 2012, the second Scientific Conference on Work Disability Prevention and Integration (WDPI) will take place at the University Medical Center in Groningen (the Netherlands). The theme of the conference is 'Healthy ageing in a working society' and the following topics will be addressed:

- From disability to ability
- Early detection and work disability prevention
- Towards a sustainable working life

WDPI 2012 is a conference for research on preventing work disability and promoting safe and sustained return to work across a range of conditions. It is organized to provide a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary and international exchange of ideas on preventing work disability. 

The conference includes oral sessions on mental disorders, socio-political & economic challenges, qualitative RTW-studies, musculoskeletal disorders, healthy ageing at work... and topical sessions on cancer and work, disability evaluation towards ability, facilitating self-management of chronic disorders in the workplace...

For more information on the program, keynote speakers, registration costs, venue etc. check out the website of the University Medical Center in Groningen.  

New! - August 2012 - Open Days debate 'Healthy Ageing: Acting for innovation at regional and local level'

A consortium of six European regions - including Doubs Department (FR), Lodzkie Region (PL), Free State of Saxony (DE), Region of Southern Denmark (DK), Limousin Region (FR) and Tampere City (FI) - organises an Open Days debate on healthy ageing, inspired by the 'European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012'.

The Open Days event will take place on the 9th of October 2012 in Brussels and is divided into two parts: 1) The debate will bring together regional and local representatives from across Europe to discuss innovative policy solutions to face the challenge of healthy ageing launching the new Covenant of Mayors on Demographic Change. 2) A brokerage event will follow the debate bringing together practitioners from public authorities, universities and research organizations and business representatives.

For more information and to sign up, go to

NEW! - August 2012 - Global Survey on Health Promotion and Workplace Wellness Strategies - EXTENDED TO AUGUST 31

Extra incentive: if one country gets more than 60 responses a special country report will be prepared free of charge.

The 2012 Global Survey on Health Promotion and Workplace Wellness Strategies is now open for participation (deadline 30th of July - extended to 31st of August)! The ENWHP strongly encourages employers to complete the 5th edition of this survey! It is designed to gain insight into how employers around the world implement and evaluate strategic wellness and health promotion initiatives. The survey is open to employers of every size in all industries and regions of the world. Last edition included responses from more than 1,200 employers in 45 countries.  

Links to the survey in: ENGLISH - FRENCH - SPANISH

NEW! - August 2012 - PEROSH paper on sustainable workplaces of the future

PEROSH, the Partnership for European Research in Occupational Safety and Health, has published an interesting new paper on 'Sustainable workplaces of the future - European Research Challenges for Occupational Safety and Health'. Via a consultation process, the PEROSH members identified the major trends and future challenges in the world of work and their impact on OSH. They also analysed future research needs, solutions and deliverables that will be necessary in the long run to ensure a healthy working life for Europe's workforce. The consultation of the PEROSH member institutes led to the prioritisation of seven main research challenges that are significantly prevalent and innovative in terms of preventing ill health and occupational accidents.

1. Sustainable employability to prolong working life
2. Disability prevention and reintegration
3. Psychosocial well-being in a sustainable working organisation
4. Multifactorial genesis of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)
5. New technologies as a field of action for OSH
6. Occupational risks related to engineered nanomaterials (ENM)
7. Safety culture to prevent occupational accidents

Please find the full paper and a presentation below. You can also find more information on this new paper on the website of PERSOSH.

NEW! - July 2012 - Achievements EU Commission in the field of health

A new brochure about recent achievements of the Commission in the field of health is now available online: 'Health in the EU - What is in it for you? Recent achievements'.

It showcases what the EU has done to improve people's health status. The actions of particular interest for the ENWHP are the ones concerning the 3rd Multi-Annual EU Health Programme (2014-2020), the risk factors of chronic diseases, and active and healthy ageing.

NEW! - July 2012 - Workers' Health Education, a database with learning materials for workers' health 

Worker's Health Education is an initiative aiming to stimulate and support education and training in basic occupational safety and health knowledge and skills all over the world. The website was officially launched in March 2012 and contains good quality learning materials - in general, free of charge. It also has a Forum, via which users can exchange questions and all kind of basic services, experiences, plans, programs, curricula etc. You can also subscribe to the Workers' Health Education - newsletter.

NEW! - June 2012 - Global Survey on Health Promotion and Workplace Wellness Strategies

The 2012 Global Survey on Health Promotion and Workplace Wellness Strategies is now open for participation (deadline 30th of July)! The ENWHP strongly encourages employers to complete the 5th edition of this survey! It is designed to gain insight into how employers around the world implement and evaluate strategic wellness and health promotion initiatives. The survey is open to employers of every size in all industries and regions of the world. Last edition included responses from more than 1,200 employers in 45 countries.  

Links to the survey in: ENGLISH - FRENCH - SPANISH