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The ENWHP - advocating for health at work

Comprehensive WHP programmes have much to offer employers and employees in the EU. Unfortunately the benefits of WHP are not widely known and with its wide range of contacts throughout Europe the ENWHP is ideally placed to collate information and data on WHP and then use this to raise the awareness among all the key stakeholders of the importance, relevance and benefits of WHP.

One of the key drivers in the development of WHP has been the  Public Health Policy of the EU and its Member States and wherever possible the ENWHP has sought to build on the foundations for health established by these policies.

On 11 March 2002, the Commission has published a Communication on a   Community strategy on health and safety at work. The aim of the strategy was to facilitate the application of existing health and safety at work legislation and to come up with new ideas for the period in question.

WHP programmes have been shown to have a number of beneficial outcomes - these include an improvement in productivity, a decrease in sickness absence, improvements in working relationships and employee morale and a better public image for the organisation - and it is important to note that these benefits are reported by both employers and employees.

In an interview with Markos Kyprianou, Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, talks about the significance of the setting "workplace", the key priorities of the Commission, and the contributions which the Network ENWHP has made to increase investments in health at work in Europe.

The  documents and reports published by the ENWHP together with the conferences it organises are all used to promote the importance and benefits of workplace health promotion at the pan-European level. Within the countries represented in the network, considerable efforts are made by the NCOs to raise awareness of workplace health promotion through their own networks and with their own stakeholders.