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Questionnaire for Self-Assessment

What is your company's status in terms of WHP? Is your organisations' health management worthwhile? Test your public or private enterprises' quality of workplace health promotion and fill out this questionnaire for self-assessment. The evaluation is easy and takes only a couple of minutes. And it might be the first step towards a sustainable improvement of your company's performance.

This tool

  • permits a systematic self-assessment of WHP measures
  • highlights both strengths and areas which need improving
  • helps to establish what quality level the organisation's measures have already reached
  • permits a performance comparison with other organisations

This questionnaire is particularly helpful for an individual assessment. However, if you plan to run parallel individual assessments by several experts followed by discussion or to run simultaneous team assessments (homogenous or interdisciplinary body) we recommend to download the printed version (PDF 0.2 MB) for use in practice.