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European Toolbox

This toolbox contains effective WHP methods and instruments which are being used in practical context in all European countries. The collection therefore represents a true European 'exchange pool' for WHP practitioners and decision makers in the fields of human resource management, occupational health and safety and public health.

The inventory consists of programmes, projects (Models of Good Practice) or instruments (such as questionnaires, guidelines and information materials), suitable for improving or promoting health at the workplace, and provides solutions for tackling health related problems at the workplace such as addictive drugs (such as alcohol abuse, smoking), unhealthy eating habits, physical inactivity, mental health and stress.

European Toolbox

All tools in this toolbox are

  • used on a company level;
  • used more than once (multi-use);
  • transferable to different working situations and companies and accessible to various user groups.


If you have something you think may be interesting for others working in the field of workplace health promotion, don't hesitate to contact us.

At organisational level a tool can be used on a participatory basis, or for establishing processes. They can be integrated in company management and the daily routines and structures of the organisation and used to induce organisation change, etc.

The ENWHP Toolbox was developed in the course of the network's 4th initiative "The implementation of infrastructures for promoting workplace health".