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Mental Health at the Workplace

Based on the available literature and examples of good practices collected, the following three guides were produced to help employers and employees to implement measures to promote good mental health at work and to convince European stakeholders and companies that it is necessary and worthwhile to invest in programmes that help improve employees' mental health.

A guide to

  • the business case for mental health
    This brochure is designed to assist corporate players to gain more insight into the economic aspect of psychosocial issues in the workplace (stress, violence, harassment, burnout, etc.). What are the costs of not taking action regarding this issue? How can the costs of assessing the situation be anticipated and evaluated? What investment costs (and returns on investment) are involved in psychosocial risk prevention? (PDF 0.3 MB)

  • promoting mental health in the workplace - Employers Resource -
    By developing mental health promotion programmes and policies, you can enhance the public reputation of your organisation. This can improve your business reputation amongst potential future recruits, and it may increase your chances of gaining public contracts. It can also improve your reputation amongst the wider public and customers as an organisation that demonstrates corporate social responsibility. Good organisational reputation will be associated with a healthy and stimulating workplace where personal development is part of the organization learning culture. (PDF 0.2 MB)

  • creating a mentally healthy workplace - Employees Resource -
    As an employee you have the right to expect your employer and managers to create the conditions for mentally healthy workplaces. But you are also responsible for your own mental health by taking care of yourself and your colleagues. The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) is working with organizations across Europe to develop a mental health promotion campaign in workplaces called work. in tune with life. move europe. (PDF 0.1 MB)

Press releases:

  • Mental ill health at work is estimated to cost the EU 136 billion EUR
    annually. The Move Europe campaign aims to create better working
    conditions. (PDF 16 KB)
  • By 2020 anxiety disorders and depression are expected to become the
    second and third most important cause of human illness. The campaign
    "Work. In Tune with Life. Move Europe", promotes mental health
    at work. (PDF 17 KB)
  • More than a quarter of European employees suffer from mental stress
    - A campaign, "Work. In tune with life. Move Europe" begins on 8th
    October in Berlin (PDF 18 KB)