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National Campaigns

Links to the different national campaigns are posted here, in order to create an overview of the implementation of the "Promoting Healthy Work for People with Chronic Illness" campaign at the national level. The national campaigns are addressed to enterprises/employers and other stakeholders and manage the further dissemination of the Guide to Good Practice.


In Austria, the PHWork campaign was introduced at a meeting of the Austrian Network for Workplace Health Promotion ( on 5th of July 2012. The campaign especially included the integration of the topic in the Austrian WHP Award. Therefore a special award category, which is named  "Best Practice Projects with Focus on Chronic Diseases", was created. Three companies were awarded on the 28th of November 2012. Get more information and material on the website itself.

Belgium is the website of the "Work. Adapted for all. Move Europe" campaign in Belgium (accessible in dutch and french) which hosts information on the national campaign and its event on the 25th of February 2013, where the Guide to good practice will be introduced to a diverse audience and several speakers will talk about their own experiences. You can also find a description of the two good practices selected for Belgium on this website, as well as related news items.


A section within the Department of Labour Inspection website was created to promote awareness of the campaign and to host information about the campaign. This website contains information on ENWHP, workplace health promotion and of course the ongoing campaign. This information can be found at The translated Greek version of the guide to good practice and of the leaflet were attached to the above website and also distributed electronically to various stakeholders, members of the Pancyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council and companies. A specific article published to mass media stressed the importance of the campaign and the overall benefit of the employers who invest to good practices that promote health of workers with chronic illnesses.


The website (in Danish) refers to the Danish Workplace guideline "From sick absenteeism to healthy presenteeism", which - together with the national conference on 27th February 2013 - is the Danish contribution to the European project "Work. Adapted for All. Move Europe". The guideline provides companies with knowledge and inspiration on how to maintain chronically ill employees in the workplace by focusing on resources, rather than barriers. The website also features six other guidelines regarding Health Promotion at the workplace edited by the Workgroup "Workplace Health Promotion".


In Finland, the PHWork campaign was introduced at the event of the National Network on well-being at work at Finnish workplaces on 12th December 2012. Finnish PHWork campaign material and more information on the return to work support is available on this site.

France is the website of the "Work. Adapted for all. Move Europe" campaign in France (accessible in english and french). It hosts informations on the project, the two events which took place in June and December 2012 and the Guide to good practice. This website is a website dedicated to chronic illnesses and their impact on work. An "iphone version" is also available. On this website you can also find information on the other ENWHP members / European partners involved in PH Work project, their good practices, events etc.

Germany is the German website of the current ENWHP campaign with the slogan "Return to Work - Wieder gesund zurück an den Arbeitsplatz (get back to work healthy)". There are given information about the campaign and their results. Since 2007 the "Competitive Advantage for Health" has been the annual highlight of the Move Europe campaign. For the first time the BKK Federal Association has given a special prize to one best-practice-example in the field of reintegration management.

Greece is a well known portal for health promotion and public health, which includes a site dedicated to the Greek PHWork campaign. The site hosts information concerning the program's goals, stages, the participating partners, and further details about the ENWHP. It also contains useful relevant resources, as well as the Greek version of the PHWork brochure and the Guide to Good Practice. Information is available about the campaign's dissemination event on February 22nd 2013, where the Guide to Good Practice is presented at a small conference about chronic illness and workforce ageing. 

Hungary is the website of the "Work. Adapted for all. Move Europe" campaign in Hungary which hosts information on the national campaign and its event that takes place on the 28th of February 2013. At the conference speakers talk about job retention and return to work of employees with chronic diseases, besides that, the guide and good practices are also presented to the audience. A description of the good practices selected in Hungary is also displayed on this website.



The Norwegian PHWork webpages are part of the national contact office website. People with disabilities face major challenges on the labour market. The Norwegian Government puts a strong focus on this issue and has recently launched a Job Strategy for people with disabilities. This initiative aims to include more people in employment and reduce the number of benefit recipients. There are also efforts in this field among the Social partners. The confederation of Norwegian employers has an ongoing project called "Ripples on water" where they focus on the needs both of the person searching for a job and the company considering an employment. With these national projects and measures, it is convenient to make the ENWHP initiative fit in as an active supplement to and a reinforcement of the ongoing effort. Several meetings with key persons in the Ministry of Labour, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service, and Social Partners have been arranged.

Poland is the website of the "Work. Adapted for all. Move Europe" campaign in Poland. It hosts information on the PH Work project, dissemination event which took place in December 2012 and the guide to good practice. This website is also dedicated to chronic illnesses and their impact on work, together with the list of scientific articles related to this issue.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the aim of the national campaign is to get conversations started on a regional level between employers and agencies on the topic of 'good work for all - what is needed to employ people with chronic diseases'. Meetings were organized during the National week for Chronic Diseases, held from 9-16 November 2012. The campaign website,,  provides general information on the ENWHP initiative and practical information for employers as a result of the meetings held.



There are five paragraphs on the Slovak web-page. The first one points to the incidence of chronic diseases and other ill health problems. The second one stresses the existence of the ENWHP. The third one informs about the decision of EP according which the research institutes have to work on the public health issues. Furthermore, it shortly describes our institute as working on research in the field of diseases from civilization. The fourth paragraph informs that INPP SAS is the NCO of the ENWHP in Slovakia. It points also to the fact that WHP is not well developed Slovakia as well as to the problem how the employers characterize their WHP activities. And the last one informs about the PHWork project and the problems of employers stemming from current financial situation.


The PHWork project is presented on the general website on workplace health promotion managed by the Clinical Institute of Occupational, Traffic and Sports Medicine. The general website sections FAQ, Did you know?, My rights and Advice of the month are also dedicated to chronic diseases in its prevention.

United Kingdom

The Scottish Centre is pleased to be part of the ENWHP's 9th initiative PHWork: promoting healthy work for people with chronic illness. Demographic trends indicate that our populations are growing older and living longer. Also, during the last few years the default retirement age has been removed. Therefore, as people age there is an increased likelihood they will develop chronic illnesses and extenuating circumstances dictate they extend their working lives. This situation may prove challenging for workplace mangers to retain workers in a productive environment. The European guide "Promoting healthy work for workers with chronic illness: a guide to good practice" provides managers with information to address some of the difficulties they may meet. A copy of the report can be found at