Dragon Fly

The project "Dragon Fly" develops structures for dissemination of "Good Practice" in the field of Workplace Health Promotion in New Member States and Acceding Countries.

Carried out under the leadership of the Polish Nofer Institute, the projects seeks to develop a framework for co-operation between relevant stakeholders of the applicant countries and the current Member States. After having established national contact offices in Cyprus, Estonia, Malta, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, the network analyses the current situation with regards to strategies, policies & practices for promoting workplace health in 12 AAC countries.

In order to further boost this process a series of "roundtable-meetings" is being in the context of the "Dragon-Fly"-Project. These events, which encompass representatives from businesses, politics, health experts and other stakeholders, are part of the network ambition to improve the dissemination of good workplace health practices and policies in these countries.


Seminar Schedule 2006: meeting-documentation