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The implementation of infrastructures for promoting workplace health

4th Initiative (2002 - 2004)

To publicise the role of workplace health promotion (WHP), closer co-operation is necessary between governmental organisations, professionals and other stakeholders in every country. National infrastructures should be created to provide platforms for the exchange of information and for concerted action, involving all relevant interest groups including social partners, governmental bodies, social insurance organisations and companies.

As part of its dissemination strategy, the ENWHP also developed a pool of arguments, the Case for WHP, documenting evidence to assist the players involved in convincing social insurance bodies and companies of the economic benefits of WHP. During the project the network also produced a collection of methods and tools (Toolbox) to facilitate the introduction of WHP into companies and organisations.

This initiative was divided into 3 projects according to 3 main objectives:

  1. To develop supportive WHP infrastructures by initiating national forums for WHP (National Forums);
  2. To improve the methodological knowledge base for WHP by developing a European WHP "toolbox";
  3. To develop a collection of arguments which justify investments in WHP (Case for Investments in WHP).

Furthermore, with this initiative ENWHP introduced a new strategy in response to the EU Lisbon goals and the vision of a Europe of Health in the context of the European Health Strategy. The network also broadened its scope of action integrating the 3 ENWHP Models of Good Practice Initiatives (in Larger Sized Enterprises; in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises; in Public Administrations). Finally, ENWHP took the first steps to support the Enlargement of the European Union in its field of action by involving a number of acceding and candidate countries and establishing national contact offices in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

In total, 24 European countries participated in this initiative (18 Member States, Bulgaria, Romania and Switzerland and the countries of the Economic Area - Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland). Since October 2002 the ENWHP has been setting up WHP infrastructures ? consisting of national networks ? in each European country.

The results of the initiative include: