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Workplace Health Promotion in small and medium-sized enterprises

2nd Initiative (1999 - 2000)

Over two thirds of the European labour force is employed in the SME sector. Yet much of the WHP activity has been developed and implemented with large organisations as the target. Unfortunately the needs of SMEs are very different to those of large organisations and the projects that have been developed are not always easily transferable.

In response to this situation the ENWHP received funding from the European Commission to develop a project that would capture the experience of SMEs in implementing WHP activities, and make this information available to a much wider audience. The National School of Public Health (Lisbon) and the European Information Centre of the BKK Bundesverband headed the project and every NCO participated in it.

A country report outlining WHP activity in the SME sector was produced for each Member State. Three or four examples of good practice were identified and described using criteria established by the ENWHP. This information allowed a detailed picture of the requirements of SMEs in terms of the development and implementation of WHP to be built up. Using the models of good practice and the information from each of the countries a set of recommendations for WHP in SMEs was put forward. From the outset the dissemination of good practice was seen as a vital part of this project, particularly if it could be done in a way that generated the commitment of key stakeholders.

Outcomes of the project included a range of documentation - the criteria for good practice, the models of good practice covering the case studies and "Report on the current Status of Workplace Health Promotion in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises" (PDF 0.35 MB).

Criteria and Models of good Practice (PDF 0.1 MB)
Description of the good practice criteria 

  1. Models of good Practice (PDF 0.2 MB)
    (Austria / Denmark / Finland / Germany)

  2. Models of good Practice (PDF 0.3 MB)
    (Greece / Iceland / Ireland / Italy)

  3. Models of good Practice (PDF 0.3 MB)
    (Liechtenstein / Luxembourg / Netherland / Norway)

  4. Models of good Practice (PDF 0.4 MB)
    (Portugal / Spain / Sweden / United Kingdom)

Conclusions and recommendations (PDF 0.6 MB)