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The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP)

Since the Network was formally established in 1996, ENWHP has been a frontrunner in European Workplace Health Promotion. By carrying out a number of joint initiatives, it has developed good practice criteria for WHP for many different types of organisation and has established infrastructures for WHP in the Member States. Through these national networks/forums the ENWHP facilitates the cross-border exchange of information and the dissemination of good workplace practices.

The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion is an informal network of national occupational health and safety institutes, public health, health promotion and statutory social insurance institutions. In a joint effort, all the members and partners aim to improve workplace health and well-being and to reduce the impact of work related ill health on the European workforce.

ENWHP is a platform for all stakeholders interested in the improvement of workplace health and committed to working towards the vision & mission of the ENWHP: "Healthy employees in healthy organisations".

For more information on ENWHP and its initiatives, please download the ENWHP Image Brochure or take a look at our ENWHP Flyer